Property in Phuket

Everyone dreams of living by the sea. And it seems that now you have such an opportunity. Here you can buy real estate in Phuket.

Registration of transactions for the purchase and sale of residential real estate is carried out with the help of specialists from a real estate agency, a private lawyer or a law firm.
If the house is ready to move in
We will provide services for the full support of the transaction.

From the search for a suitable option and pre-sale inspection (to study the real state of the property at the time of purchase) to the signing of the acceptance certificate and registration of the transfer of ownership.

After choosing an object, to confirm his intention to buy real estate, the buyer pays a deposit (books the object).

As a rule, the drafting and signing of the contract takes place within a month after the deposit is paid.

Then the parties reach an agreement on all issues, after which an agreement is drawn up, which must indicate:

description of the object (location, area and other characteristics),

the total cost of the object,

order, terms and conditions of payment,

the procedure and conditions for paying the costs of registering the transfer of ownership,

rights and obligations of the parties,

the responsibility of the parties

conditions and procedure for termination of the contract, force majeure,

additional conditions

details of the parties.

If, after drawing up the contract, disagreements arise with the other party, the contract does not need to be rewritten. It is enough to draw up a Protocol on disagreements and a Protocol on reconciliation of disagreements. When new conditions appear, an Additional Agreement can be drawn up and attached to the main contract.

After signing the contract, the buyer pays another 20-30% of the total cost of the object. Or payment is made differently, depending on the conditions specified in the contract.

ATTENTION. Any money transfers are recorded by the relevant legal documents!

What is the difference between buying and selling finished real estate and buying a new building?
The most important difference from transactions with developers is that there is usually no installment payment.

However, we are all people, and it happens that there is not enough money to pay for the transaction in full. Do not worry. You can negotiate with the owner of the property.

You may be granted an extension. BUT! Not more than a year. And you will receive documents for the right of ownership only after paying the full cost of the object.

If the property is purchased from a developer
The buyer pays a deposit first. The size of the deposit depends on the total amount of the transaction (usually 30-50% of the total value).

The developer usually provides a standard contract, in which you can make the necessary adjustments. Naturally, upon reaching an agreement with him.

The contract is drawn up in English or Thai. You have the right to request a translation of the contract into Russian and then certify it at the Russian consulate. But it will not have legal force.

Before signing a sales contract, you should carefully check: the main contract, supporting documents from the developer (certificate of land ownership, building permit, statutory documents, etc.) and other related documents.

After signing the contract, the future owner transfers another 20-30% of the total value of the property to the seller’s account.

Then the buyer makes 3 payments in equal amounts.

The final payment occurs after the construction is completed, the keys are received and the address is registered.

ATTENTION. Any money transfers are recorded by the relevant legal documents!

Completion of the deal
After all issues related to the transaction have been resolved and the final settlement between the buyer and the seller, the transfer of ownership of the property is formalized: the new owner is issued a title document.